Cahier de Presse François Macdonald

Originaire de la Rive-Sud de Montréal, François est comédien et auteur nommé quatre fois aux prix théâtraux Dora Mavor Moore de Toronto. Parfaitement bilingue, il est diplômé du conservatoire de théâtre de George Brown College à Toronto et détient aussi une maîtrise en histoire de l’art de l’Université McGill.

Comme comédien, on a pu le voir au petit écran dans THE EXPANSE (Amazon Prime), LETTERKENNY (Crave), MAYDAY (Canal D), CANADA: THE STORY OF US (CBC) ainsi que dans plusieurs court-métrages et publicités. On a également pu le voir dans de nombreuses productions théâtrales dont LE MENTEUR (Théâtre français de Toronto), LES ZINSPIRÉS PUISSANCE 4 (TfT), THE WAGER (Theatre Gargantua), EAST OF BERLIN (Essential Collective Theatre) et OUR TOWN (Buddies in Bad Times/Rusticle).


This show is engaging and enjoyable to watch. The ensemble (Olivia Croft, Teiya Kasahara, François Macdonald, and Spence) has incredible chemistry, and individually each actor effortlessly weaves in and out of their varied roles.

The Wager

East of Berlin 2019

All three actors give compelling performances. […] Macdonald has the challenging job of keeping the audience’s attention throughout the ninety-minute drama – he serves as a narrator for a good portion of the story, and never leaves the stage. He skillfully manoeuvres his way from portraying a high school student innocently discovering his father’s dark past for the first time to playing a young man seven years later, hardened by the realities of his life that have led him to the darkest of places.

Le Menteur

François Macdonald is well cast as Dorante’s valet Cliton, a young man who is a plain-speaker as much as his master is not.  Macdonald lends Cliton a charming naïveté showing that even he can still be taken in by Dorante’s lies.  One is tempted to see the Dorante-Cliton relationship as a precursor of the Dom Juan-Sganarelle relationship in Molière’s Dom Juan, except that Macdonald suggests that Cliton remains with Dorante not because Dorante still owes him money but because they are much more friends than master and servant and Cliton seeks, in vain, to protect Dorante from the effects of Dorante’s mendaciousness.

I imagine hiding anything with such a larger-than-life cast would be hard. [Nico] Racicot as Dorante seemed determined to eat the scenery, flouncing across the stage, oozing charm and confidence. Set against the straight man Cliton, played by an earnest–but just as charmingly corrupt–François Macdonald, you have a great comedy duo.

Entrevue avec Aminata Yade de CHOQ-FM 105.1

Our Town

The strong acting ensemble not only give a physical life to their characters but also become milk-cart and horse, doors and various other inanimate objects. […] The show’s success is bolstered by […] François Macdonald as the town choirmaster and drunk.


“Meet the emerging creators from Canada’s longest-running festival of new work”

Aquarius has some beautiful visual moments, and a charming performance from François Macdonald. […] Aquarius is an earnest tribute to the past struggles of the queer community, highlighting how many things have and haven’t changed in the past 40 years.

Entrevue avec Line Boily de Radio-Canada (début 6:20 – fin 9:45)


“The ensemble […] and François Macdonald as a literal “every man” has crafted an insightful examination of what it means to be “loveable” and what we’ll give up in pursuit of that perfection.


“The performers are all strong, […] François Macdonald as the de facto protagonist is both wry and affecting as he negotiates his character’s gradual coming out in tandem with a growing need to understand what happened to Kevin.”


“The company smartly sends out an actor to escort the audience down the sketchy path to the hidden space (but don’t be fooled by this gentlemanly introduction, François Macdonald transforms mid-evening into an effectively hateable villain; you should be more careful about who you let walk you down dark alleys).”


“There was strong work by the principals as well as […] François Macdonald as Anna’s formal, older husband, determined to keep their marriage together even when he discovers her adultery.”